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The Mom Pack

Each of our candles are hand crafted. Our natural soy wax is carefully blended with color and fragrance, Then hand poured. We customize the following :

  • Candle Color

Choose from a large selection of colors including Natural (white). Combination's of colors can also be mixed to create a customized color to fit your decor ! Contact us if you need assistance on color choice .

  • Candle Fragrance

Choose a fragrance listed or combine fragrances to create a unique aroma and ambiance! You can specify if you would prefer a light or full strength scent throw. (The amount of fragrance you will be able to smell in a given area). We offer fragrance free soy candles as well .

* Many fragrances are naturally stronger than others. Some fragrances have a light scent throw, some have a medium scent throw and some have a strong scent throw. If you have a concern about the fragrance you are interested in ordering, please contact us.

  • Candle Containers

Choose from a list of available containers. We can create a custom painting on your container for an extra special, one of a kind candle!

Containers can also be personalized with names and date for wedding gifts and other special occasions.

Our candles burn evenly to the bottom of the container and clean up very easily with soap and water. This means that your container can be a keepsake even after the soy wax is gone or have your container refilled!

  • 8oz_faceted_hidden_sea_glass Sea Glass faceted_8oz._rose

We will include a piece of sea glass in all of our candles. You have the option of having only a piece of sea glass "hidden" in the soy wax (pictured in the above left) or multiple pieces of sea glass proudly displayed in the soy wax. ( pictured in the above right.) Perfect sea glass and candle decor for nearly any room in your home.

  • Dipped Critters

Are you interested in having a dipped critter with a theme? Contact us for a quote. More information is on the Dipped Critters page.

  • Gift Baskets

We can customize gift baskets for any occasion. Check out Gift Baskets to see a few pictures of baskets we have created.


Love-soy melt basket
Love-soy melt basket

Soy Lip Balm 3 pack
Soy Lip Balm 3 pack

Decorative Soy Soap
Decorative Soy Soap

8oz. Faceted
8oz. Faceted

4 oz. Hex
4 oz. Hex

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