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The Mom Pack

Soy Melts

Soy Melts (also known as tarts) can be used in a tart burner or wax warmer. Soy Melts come in a clam shell style package which holds 6 melts. Click on the image to see the back of the Soy Melt package. The image will open in a new window.

Soy Melts
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Soy Melts

Put one or two soy melts in your burner and enjoy the fragrance of the melted wax without having to worry about the flame of a candle. The fragrance lasts for hours. You decide how long you would like to have your tart burner on. When finished, turn the tart warmer off, let the wax solidify until you are ready to use your burner again. No need to change out the wax until you feel the fragrance has been spent.

Soy wax can easily be removed from the burner wax dish. (Let the wax cool and harden.)Remove as much as possible and discard. Wash the dish with warm soapy water. If the wax doesn't 'pop' out of the dish at first, place it in the freezer (if it can be removed from the tart burner) for a few minutes and the wax should easily fall away from the dish.

A package of 6 Soy Melts for $4.50. Why not purchase more than one so that you may have a variety of fragrances to chose from.



Love-soy melt basket
Love-soy melt basket

Soy Lip Balm 3 pack
Soy Lip Balm 3 pack

Decorative Soy Soap
Decorative Soy Soap

8oz. Faceted
8oz. Faceted

4 oz. Hex
4 oz. Hex

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